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Kitchen Peninsula Do’s and Don’ts

Do you have a kitchen peninsula that just feels out of place? Does your peninsula look like a boring block of untapped potential? Having a peninsula can be incredibly useful, but only if it is designed properly. Here are the do’s and don’ts of kitchen peninsulas, from the amazing kitchen designers at O’Hanlon Kitchens.

Do: Utilize the Storage under Your Peninsula

If you don’t have cabinets under your peninsula, you are missing out on a prime storage opportunity. This could be a space to conceal your trash can, house your small appliances, store snacks for your kids, and much more. It is common in modern kitchen remodeling to remove cabinets above a peninsula. This creates a better sight line to the dining area, living room, or other connecting space. If you have storage below the peninsula, you won’t lose much when eliminating those cabinets.

Don’t: Make the Peninsula Too Intrusive

It is possible to make a kitchen peninsula or island too big for the space. If the peninsula creates a narrow walkway, it may make the kitchen feel closed off and claustrophobic. The peninsula placement may also inhibit the flow of traffic, depending on how the cabinets are laid out. If your current peninsula interrupts the flow in the kitchen, make sure to address that during your remodeling plans.

Do: Add Bar Stool Seating

Almost every well-planned peninsula has bar stools underneath it. This is a great place for kids to do homework or for guests to sit while you work in the kitchen. Just by extending your countertop a few inches, you could create a multi-purpose seating space that would otherwise be a blank cabinet back.

Don’t: Break up the Peninsula for a Bar

This was a common element of kitchen designs many years ago. The peninsula would have a ‘step’ of sorts so the bar area could be higher than the countertop. If you keep the peninsula all one level, you have more room for food and decorations. You also have more versatility with what you can put on the peninsula. Furthermore, the step up makes for a more intricate countertop placement, which could add to the cost of remodeling. Get table-height bar stools so you can keep the countertop all one level. It’s that easy!

Do: Add Lighting above the Peninsula

The peninsula is the perfect place to hang accent lights in your kitchen. Use this as an opportunity to personalize your kitchen design with a special little touch. If you have cabinets above the peninsula, you could use under-cabinet lighting to illuminate the area.

Don’t Put Your Stove or Sink in the Kitchen Peninsula

Your kitchen peninsula is not the best space to put appliances, in most cases. You could put a microwave in the lower cabinetry, but avoid installing a sink, dishwasher, stove, etc. in this space. Use the peninsula for food prep and serving, not cooking. The only reason to put an appliance in the peninsula is if there is no room for it elsewhere, or if the flow makes the most sense with that positioning.

Do: Create a Cohesive Appearance with Your Cabinets

You can have fun with the design of your peninsula, but don’t make it so different that it no longer connects with the kitchen. If you have shaker style cabinets throughout the kitchen, you’ll want the same cabinet doors on the peninsula. They could be painted an accent color, but they still need to connect with the rest of the kitchen. Don’t go so far with your design efforts that you lose sight of the big picture.

Don’t: Add a Peninsula That Inhibits Flow in the Kitchen

As convenient as kitchen peninsulas are, they aren’t the ideal fit for every kitchen. In fact, many kitchens do much better with an island or U-shaped cabinets. Even if your current kitchen has a peninsula, you may want to change the layout with kitchen remodeling. Explore different kitchen layouts to find the best option for your space.

If you’d like help designing your dream kitchen, contact the experts at O’Hanlon Kitchens. We will help you style your kitchen peninsula or get a better layout for your new kitchen. For kitchen remodeling in Maryland, call 443-285-0558. For kitchen remodeling in Pennsylvania, call 717-755-5555.


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