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Pros and Cons of Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks have become quite the trend in kitchen designs. They have been around for decades, but apron-front sinks are now highly sought after in remodeled homes. Before investing in this sink style, you need to determine if it is right for you. Read on to learn the pros and cons of farmhouse sinks.

Pro – Large, Single Basin Sink

One of the biggest appeals to having a farmhouse sink is the deep single basin. This can hold a Thanksgiving dinner’s worth of pots, pans, dishes and silverware. If you want to give your baby a bath or thaw a large piece of meat, you have plenty of room to do so. This is a great sink style for a variety of households.

Con – It’s a Single Basin Sink

The single sink basin may be great for some people, but it is not ideal for all lifestyles. Perhaps you’re a person that lets dirty dishes hang out for a day before washing them. A divided sink provides a space for the dishes and a clear area for other activities. The double basin is also great for people who hand wash their dishes because they can soak in one section and rinse in the other. Think carefully about how you use your sink before committing to a single basin.

Pro – Beautiful, Trendy Aesthetic

Apron-front sinks are visible from the front of the cabinets, which adds to their design appeal. For instance, if you have a copper farmhouse sink, the copper front is sure to be a focal feature in your kitchen. A classic white sink looks great against any cabinet color, even if you paint or stain the cabinets later on. From a design standpoint, it’s hard to argue against the beauty of a farmhouse sink.

Con – Difficult to Install

The unique design of an apron-front sink makes it a little tricky to install. If you’re trying to install it with your existing cabinets, you will most likely need to modify the cabinets to support the sink. If you’re ordering new cabinets, you’ll need to make sure they can properly support and accommodate farmhouse sinks. The difficult installation may also add to the cost of the sink and overall kitchen remodel.

Pro – Easy Cleaning

With one large sink basin, cleaning is a breeze. Wipe down the sides every day, and you’re good to go. The only problems you may run into is if water or grime gets underneath the lip of the apron front. Most kitchen tasks don’t create that problem though.

Con – It May Not Always Look Clean

Depending on the material your sink is made from, it may not always look clean. White farmhouse sinks are prone to staining, and colored sinks may show water spots. You may also have a ring develop around your sink if you do not clean it after use. The cleaning itself is easy, but that doesn’t mean your sink will actually look clean.

Pro – Durability

A well-made farmhouse sink is incredibly durable. Some sink styles are prone to chipping, but the high-quality ones will stand the test of time. Have a large family with destructive children? Rest assured that your sink can hold its own.

Con – High Price Tag

This might be the biggest drawback of all. Farmhouse sinks are significantly more expensive than other sink styles. This is partly because of their size and construction, but it’s also because of their installation requirements. Before you decide this is indeed what you want for your home, think about the role you want your sink to fulfill.

The Verdict: Are Farmhouse Sinks Worth Buying?

Farmhouse sinks definitely have a place in kitchen designs, but they aren’t right for everyone. We always recommend focusing on your functional needs first. Then find design elements that align with them. If an apron-front sink doesn’t function well for your life, opt for a different sink style. If it does, use it as a jumping point for your kitchen design.

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