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How to Light up a Kitchen with No Window

Most kitchens have at least one window, but that is not an option in all homes. If you have a windowless kitchen or the windows in your kitchen offer minimal lighting, there are ways to brighten the space artificially. Check out these tips to light up a kitchen with no window.

Add Uplighting along the Crown Molding of the Cabinets

Uplighting is a great way to make a kitchen feel bright and inviting. You can install lights along the crown molding above the cabinets to create an inviting glow around the room. This may not be an option if your cabinets run all the way to the ceiling, but it is a solution for cabinets that sit at least a couple inches below. The light brightens the ceiling, draws the eye up, and mimics how sunlight would flood the room.

Use Under-Cabinet Lighting to Illuminate Workspaces

You can light the area under your upper cabinets to add visibility to your prep spaces. Under-cabinet lighting can make a kitchen feel brighter than it actually is because the lights are roughly at eye-level. If you have countertop accessories or food you want to display, the lighting will accentuate that. Choose anything from bright showroom lighting to warm, soothing lighting to create the ideal look for your kitchen.

Strategically Place Canned Lights for an All-around Glow

Canned lights are another great way to light up a kitchen without a window. The key is to place them in areas that you actually need lighting, not just randomly in your ceiling. In most kitchens, canned lights go around the perimeter, in front of the upper cabinets. This lights up walkways and workspaces so you can see clearly throughout the kitchen.

Add Lights inside Your Cabinets

If you’re having trouble seeing items inside your cabinets, you could add lights in there too. Some people install simple push lights under their shelves or on the sides of their cabinets so they can just tap them as needed. If you want a longer-lasting solution though, you can have fixed lights installed in your cabinets.

If you have glass doors on your cabinetry, the in-cabinet lighting can help brighten the kitchen and show off the items you have inside.

Select Light Colors to Keep the Kitchen Bright

Now that we’ve addressed ways to add light to a windowless kitchen, it’s time to address how to make the most of that light. The key is to use light colors and finishes, while still maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort in the kitchen.

You may be tempted to make every surface white, but that’s not necessarily the right move. An all-white kitchen may feel cold or visually boring, which is not something you want for the heart of the home. Play around with a mix of light neutrals that provide a balance of brightness and comfort.

Choose Reflective Surfaces to Bounce Light around

Reflective surfaces can take whatever light is available and carry it throughout the kitchen. This could be anything from stainless steel appliances to glossy tile and countertops. Adding a mirror on a wall in the kitchen could make the space feel bigger and brighter. If you notice a dark corner in the kitchen, try adding something reflective to lift it up.

If you need a creative kitchen design for a windowless kitchen, our professional designers in Maryland and Pennsylvania are ready to assist you. Please call 443-285-0558 to schedule your kitchen design consultation.


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