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Replace Kitchen Cabinets, When Is The Best Time?

Kitchen cabinets take up the bulk of your kitchen. They define the style of the room and how functional it is daily. If you’re debating whether to keep your cabinets or replace them, there are some indicators to watch out for. Read on to learn when kitchen cabinets should be replaced.

How Long Should Kitchen Cabinets Last?

High-quality cabinets can last 50 years or longer, depending on maintenance and wear. This may seem surprising because of how frequently homeowners replace their cabinets.

There are several factors that influence how long kitchen cabinets last, but the main one is the materials they’re made from. Nice wood cabinets can last for decades, but inexpensive pressed wood may only last 10 years. If the cabinets are not installed or maintained properly, that will cut down on their lifespan. If the cabinets encounter water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, or other catastrophes, their lives will be drastically reduced.

At O’Hanlon Kitchens, we recommend spending a little extra money on good cabinets that last. We use high-end materials for our cabinet replacements and complete kitchen remodeling services. Reach out to 443-285-0558 if you’d like to schedule a kitchen design consultation.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Here are some clear indicators that you should replace your cabinets:

  • The cabinets are damaged beyond repair, usually in the case of water damage
  • It would cost more to repair the cabinets than it would to replace them
  • The cabinets do not serve your functional needs
  • There is mold in the cabinetry
  • The doors or drawers do not work properly, despite adjustments
  • You are changing the layout of your kitchen
  • You no longer like a foundational component of the cabinets – something that isn’t easy to fix, like the color or trim
  • Getting new cabinets could improve your property value

If your cabinets fall into any of these categories, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Contact O’Hanlon Kitchens to get an estimate for new kitchen cabinets in Maryland or Pennsylvania.

Do I Have to Remodel My Kitchen to Replace My Cabinets?

Many homeowners hold off on replacing their cabinets because they don’t want to commit to an entire kitchen renovation. The good news is: you don’t have to! O’Hanlon Kitchens offers a 10-day direct replacement program, where we rip out your old cabinets and replace them with new ones in the same layout.

Direct replacement is not ideal if you need to change the layout of your kitchen, but it works for many kitchen upgrades. To learn more or to schedule a quote for new cabinets, please give us a call at 443-285-0558.


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