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Kitchen Design Goals – What Do You Want out of Your Kitchen Renovation?

Before you commit to a kitchen remodel, you need a list of goals. Having a clear idea of what you do and don’t want will ensure you’re satisfied with your new kitchen. In this guide, we’ll explain how to create your kitchen design goals, and what you can realistically expect from kitchen renovation.

Make a List of What You Don’t Like in Your Current Kitchen

Design goals aren’t just about what you want. They’re largely based on what you don’t want. Think about what you hate about your current kitchen. Lack of storage, poor traffic flow, closed off layout, etc. There are things about your kitchen that you wish you could change, and you can change them during your renovation!

Having a list of don’ts can also narrow down you do’s. If you don’t like open shelving, then you know you do want closed cabinets in the remodel. If you don’t like having a raised bar on your island, you know you want a flat, single-level island in the remodel. That’s why we recommend using this as a starting point.

Pinpoint the Functional Needs for Your Kitchen (Must-Haves)

Function comes first. Then design follows. That’s the classic rule that all successful designers standby.

Consider what your kitchen needs are, and make those your top kitchen design goals. In smaller homes, maximizing storage is usually the top priority. In larger kitchens, it may be a matter of having a designated space for small appliances, serving ware, or pantry items. Perhaps you need drawer space more so than cabinet space. Your kitchen design can accommodate those needs and more.

Create a Wishlist for Your Kitchen (Wants)

Once you’ve established the must-have features in your kitchen, you can think about bonus features that may make your life easier. For instance, you may not need a built-in trash compactor, but that could be a nice appliance to have. You might not hate your kitchen without a wine fridge, but you’ll love it just a little more if it has one.

It’s rare to get absolutely everything you want in your kitchen, but our designers do their best to cover as much of your list as possible.

Prioritize Your Kitchen Design Goals

Now that you’ve identified your wants, needs and don’t-wants, you can create your list of kitchen design goals. You know what’s most important and what you can live without. All you have to do is figure out how all of this information coordinates with your budget. If need be, you could plan your kitchen renovation in stages and adjust as your budget allows.

Does Your Current Layout Meet Your Functional Needs and Design Goals?

If you’re having a hard time meeting your kitchen design goals, it may be because of a layout issue. This is especially true in older homes that weren’t meant for today’s lifestyle. If you feel stuck, consider changing up the layout of your kitchen. Something as simple as swapping a peninsula for an island could make all the difference.

Get a Custom Kitchen Design from O’Hanlon Kitchens

O’Hanlon Kitchens is a premium provider of kitchen remodeling and kitchen design services. We’ll take your kitchen design goals and convert them into the custom plan of your dreams. Whether you want a completely new kitchen or a refreshed version of what you already have, our designers will bring your vision to life. Contact us at 443-285-0558 to learn more about our kitchen design services.


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