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How to Revitalize a Recently Remodeled Kitchen

There is plenty of advice online about how to remodel a kitchen, but not every kitchen needs a complete gut job. You may have a recently remodeled kitchen that now feels a bit…stale. You can refresh your kitchen and revitalize your home without investing in a whole new renovation. Check out these tips to update your already-updated kitchen.

Update the Accent Décor in Your Kitchen

Swapping out accents is the easiest way to make a room feel like new. Changing the art on the wall or the rugs on the floor will instantly make the room feel redone. If you like your current accent décor, you could simply change where it’s located or add a few new complementary pieces. This is the same concept as switching up your living room layout or getting a new bedspread. You don’t have to spend much to see a big impact.

Change the Wallpaper or Wall Color on Non-Backsplash Walls

Changing the backsplash is a lengthy process, but changing out the wall color is pretty easy! This is why it’s important to select neutral finishes for the foundational components of your kitchen. You can put new paint on the walls or get a wallpaper accent wall with minimal investment. If you decide you want different tile or stone on the backsplash, you’re going to have a bigger expense on your hand.

Get New Countertop Appliances with a Pop of Personality

Your countertop appliances can double as décor. Your stand mixer, pressure cooker, air fryer, toaster and coffee maker all take up a decent amount of visual space. Use this opportunity to add a dash of color to the kitchen without making big changes to your large appliances.

You may be able to get a sticker, wrap or decal to go over your existing small appliances. This is less expensive than getting a new appliance altogether, but it’s not an option for every countertop appliance. No matter what you do, just make sure the appliances coordinate with each other and with the décor theme you’re going for.

Modify Your Organization Solutions

Refreshing a recently remodeled kitchen may have nothing to do with the décor. Instead, you could make the space feel newer with an updated organization system. If there are areas in your kitchen that always seem to collect clutter, try to figure out why. Then create a system to address that problem and give those objects a designated place.

If you have unused cabinet space, consider moving items there that you don’t use often. That could clear up other cabinet space for pantry items and things you need on a daily basis.

Many homeowners enjoy adding drawers to the interior of their base cabinets. Instead of crouching down every time you need something from the back, you can simply pull out a drawer. We would love to design a custom kitchen organization system for you.

Plan the Next Phase of Your Kitchen Remodel

Don’t feel like your recent remodel is complete? It may be time to plan the next phase. Perhaps you did a direct replacement to change your cabinets and countertops. Now you’re ready for lighting, appliances, or a new backsplash. O’Hanlon Kitchens can guide you through the next step in your journey. Give us a call at 443-285-0558 to speak with one of our professional kitchen remodelers.


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