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2023 Design Trends Prioritize Function over Fashion

Design Trends

The National Association of REALTORS® recently released a list titled “2023 Home and Design Trends to Watch.” We wanted to focus on how these trends apply to kitchen remodeling so you can plan an upcoming update. Read on to learn what’s trendy in 2023.

Kitchen Design Trends That Are In

High-function kitchens are definitely in for 2023. Many employees still work from home post-pandemic, and they need a kitchen that can handle daily wear. Storage, durable surfaces, and medium-tone finishes are on-trend for 2023.

Many homeowners are choosing more affordable kitchen finishes in favor of the “bells and whistles.” Added perks are still desirable, but function is far more important. If a lower kitchen budget leaves room for an outdoor living upgrade, homeowners will choose that time and time again.

Personalized designs are also on-trend this year. Neutral colors will always be in style, but homeowners aren’t afraid to add a pop of personality into their kitchen. If you want a fun backsplash tile or accent on the island, now is the perfect time to do that.

Quality craftsmanship will always be in style. There is no substitute for a well-executed kitchen design. You may choose mid-grade materials in favor of high-end craftsmanship to ensure your kitchen looks great for years to come.

Kitchen Design Trends That Are Out

High maintenance design elements are going out of style. Homeowners want features that enhance their busy lives, rather than adding to their stress. Light grout, porous countertops, and raw wood are out in favor of easier-to-maintain options.

Along those lines, open shelving is fading in popularity. Most homeowners find shelves too hard to keep clean and presentable, and they prefer the versatility of closed storage.

Standard subway tile will always be on-trend, but many homeowners are shifting to alternate versions of traditional tile designs. Long tiles or vertical orientation are popular alternatives to the classic brick pattern.

Gray cabinets are still in demand, but trends have shifted away from cool grey tones. Opt for warmer shades of gray or wood accents to make the room feel cozier and more inviting. Our kitchen designers can help you find the balance that fits your personal taste and current trends.

Forget the Trends – Design the Kitchen You Love!

Trends change every year. You can embrace what’s to come and get inspired by it, but don’t limit yourself to what’s trendy right now. The most important aspect of any kitchen remodel is designing a kitchen you love that fits your needs, budget, and aesthetic. Our design experts can help you do just that.

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