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Kitchen Staging Tips for Sellers

Kitchen Staging Tips

Getting ready to sell your home? Some small staging adjustments could make a big difference in your profit levels and lead generation. The better your home presents, the more likely you are to get a high-quality offer. Check out these kitchen staging tips for sellers, courtesy of the professional designers here at O’Hanlon Kitchens.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Projects before Taking Listing Photos

If you have lingering kitchen remodeling projects to complete, it’s best to take care of those before you take your listing photos. You may think, “Well, I can just update my listing with new photos afterward.” However, the first two weeks your house is on the market is a critical timeframe. This is when the bulk of potential buyers will view your listing. If it has photos of an unfinished kitchen, you may scare people away before they look further into the listing.

This tip includes big and small remodeling projects. If you were halfway through swapping out your hardware, finish the job! If you want a 10-day countertop and cabinet replacement, call us so that we can get you on the schedule. If you just need backsplash tile or a new faucet, wrap up those tasks before the listing photos. That will ensure your house looks its best for your target audience.

Reduce or Eliminate Countertop Clutter

Visitors are going to focus on two elements of your kitchen: cabinet storage and countertop space. Every item on your counters makes them look slightly smaller. You could have a coffee maker or a small décor piece in the corner, but put everything else away. Buyers want to visualize their appliances on the counters, not yours.

Take Everything off Your Refrigerator

Remove your magnets and kid’s art projects from the refrigerator. They create a distraction in photos and showings. Also remove the boxes on top of your fridge or anything else that could be viewed as clutter. The goal is to make the kitchen as clean and welcoming as it can be.

Remove Personal Photos and Select Artwork

If you have family photos hanging in your kitchen, pull them down for now. This staging tip applies to other parts of your house too. It may feel like you’re removing the personality from your home, but really, you’re giving someone a chance to see themselves living there. Once they make that connection, you have a high chance at getting a good offer.

Take Pictures on Your Phone to Check for Visual Issues

You may be blind to certain clutter in your kitchen. This is natural; you see the space every day. Take a few photos of the room on your phone and look over them. Do you see anything out of place? Are there any glaring issues that need to be addressed? The photos will let you see the house from a different perspective, and you can make final tweaks from there.

Clean Your Cabinets from Top to Bottom

Spend a day scrubbing your cabinets thoroughly. Wipe down every piece of trim, every door, and every face. You might be surprised at how picky buyers are, especially if you’re in a high price point. A little extra effort will go a long way.

If you’d like to remodel your kitchen before you sell or after you buy a house, please contact O’Hanlon Kitchens at 443-285-0558.

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