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Creative Solutions for Limited Counter Space

Limited Counter Space

Do you feel like your counters are always overflowing with items? Do you have to juggle food and cookware every time that you meal prep? There may not be more room for counter space in your kitchen, but there are some ways to make the most of what you have. Check out these creative solutions for limited counter space.

Get a Custom Cover for Your Sink and Stovetop

Your sink and stovetop can be converted to extra counter space as needed. You can get a custom cover for both areas, allowing you to use every inch of your kitchen for workspace. There are tons of pre-fab covers online with drain inserts, built-in cutting boards, and more. If you want something that sits perfectly above your undermount sink, you may need a tailor-made cover from a local craftsman.

Use a Rolling Cart for Temporary Counter Space

Rolling carts are inexpensive and incredibly versatile. You can use one as coffee station for day-to-day life and move it over to act as an island when you cook. If you have a large pantry, you could store the cart in there when it is not in use. It provides additional storage for the things you need, but the wheels make it adaptive to your lifestyle. Best of all, you can find kitchen carts in almost every color and design style imaginable.

Get a Narrow Folding Table Dedicated to Kitchen Prep

This may be the least expensive and most adaptive option available. If you only need extra counter space periodically, you could get a narrow folding table to use for those occasions. Tuck it away in a coat closet, pantry, or other storage space, and then pull it out as needed. This is also a good option if you host parties because the table can double as extra serving space. It may not be nice enough to keep out year-round, but it can serve a functional purpose from time to time.

Declutter the Counters to Maximize Usable Space

You may have more counter space than you realize. If you have tons of décor and small appliances on the counters, it may be time to declutter.

Think carefully about what you use and what you actually need to keep out. Could you store your waffle maker or coffee pot? Do you only use your toaster once a month? Is there a better place to put that cute pig figurine you love? Prioritize functional counters over decorations and make the most of your current countertops.

Redesign Your Kitchen Layout

Limited counter space may be the result of an outdated kitchen layout. This is a common issue we tackle with our kitchen remodeling clients. They have older homes that were designed for different lifestyles, and they need a modern kitchen layout that flows better.

Updating your cabinet layout may not require a complete gut job. You could make some simple adjustments to drastically increase your counter space. All it takes is the right eye to create a beautiful and usable kitchen in any home.

That’s where we come in. We have a team of talented kitchen designers that specialize in spatial planning and custom kitchen layouts. Reach out to 443-285-0558 to learn more about our services or schedule a kitchen design estimate.

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