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Creating a Statement with Kitchen Pendant Lights

Pendant lights provide an opportunity to add personality to your kitchen. They’re easy to swap out if your tastes change in the future, and they create a talking point for guests and visitors. Here are some tips from our kitchen designers to help you create a statement with kitchen pendant lights.

Where to Put Pendant Lights in Your Kitchen

Pendant lights work best above a bar, island, or peninsula. These areas usually do not have upper cabinets, so the pendants are able to hang from the ceiling. The pendant brings light to a lower level, and the lack of cabinetry allows the lighting to shine without interruption.

Avoid putting pendant lights in walking areas unless you have tall ceilings with ample room to hang from. You do not want the lights to be a hazard for people walking through the kitchen. Most pendant lights offer adjustable heights, so you can move them up or down to fit your needs.

Factors to Keep in Mind as You Select Your Kitchen Pendant Lights

There are many styles of pendant lights to choose from. You may feel overwhelmed when you start the selection process. Try to narrow your options by size, shape, and color. Do you need tall narrow pendants or wide round ones? Which pendant style best matches your kitchen design and complements your other light fixtures?

Your pendants do not have to directly match your other lighting, but they should flow together in some way. If most of your kitchen looks rustic and industrial, a glam pendant with crystals may look out of place.

Also consider how the globe on the pendant will cast light in the space. A colorful globe will likely emit colorful lighting. A frosted globe will create diffused lighting, while a wire globe will shine direct light around it. Lights with crystals or angular glass may create interesting shadows on the countertops or nearby walls. You can decide what looks best based on your aesthetic.

How to Tie Pendant Lights into the Rest of Your Kitchen Design

Your pendant lights can be a focal feature, but they shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Consider how your lighting is going to connect with the rest of the space. You could add cabinet hardware in a matching metal finish or add some art that contains similar colors. Get matching bar stools that mimic the shape or colors in the pendant lights. The possibilities are endless, and you can adapt your kitchen as your tastes change.

The design experts at O’Hanlon Kitchens can help you hand-select the lighting, countertops, cabinets, and other features for your kitchen upgrade. We consider how everything looks together to ensure a cohesive design from start to finish. If you’d like a design consultation to plan your kitchen renovation, contact us at 443-285-0558.


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