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O’Hanlon was extremely easy to work with. One of the reasons that we chose to go with them is that after the consultation on our old kitchen, they presented us with ideas of what we could do to improve the space. All other contractors that we met with would not do that unless we signed on with them. They also gave us the most detailed budget. There were a lot of “this could end up costing this…. or this” with other contractors but O’Hanlon’s quote came in as “the most this will cost is X, hopefully it will be less”. I for one appreciated that because we were not surprised by any expenses that arose when we opened up the walls (we had to move plumbing, electric and HVAC). The folks working in our house were great, friendly, same faces every day so you feel very comfortable. You could tell that our carpenter really card about our project and approached it as an individual project rather than a cookie cutter assignment. Our kitchen is AMAZING. But the best part? THEY FINISHED ON TIME. How often does that happen???

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