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Plan Your Design with These Kitchen Remodeling Questions

Kitchen Remodeling Questions

If you’re new to kitchen remodeling, you may already have a million questions in your mind. What color should my cabinets be? Will I be able to fit an island in my kitchen? Which dramatic range hood style fits my house the best?

But those questions don’t address some of the underlying issues that may come up during the remodel. We want you to have a smooth experience every step of the way. Use these kitchen remodeling questions to plan out your kitchen design.

Does Your Current Kitchen Function Well for Your Lifestyle?

How you feel in a kitchen relies largely on how well it functions. If your current kitchen layout doesn’t match your lifestyle, you may want to rearrange it during your remodel. Keep in mind that changing your kitchen layout will likely add to the cost of the remodel. This cost is likely worth the joy you’ll get from a better flow, but it is not feasible for everyone.

If you can make minor adjustments to substantially improve your quality of life, go for it! If you like the layout but not the finishes, keep it as it is. Just make sure you keep function high on your priority list.

Does Your Kitchen Layout Offer Maximum Storage and Counter Space?

Many kitchens feel smaller than they are because they are not properly utilizing the space available. Something as simple as moving an appliance from the island to the back wall could open a ton of useful counter space.

If you lack storage and have open shelving, consider replacing those shelves with closed storage. If you have untapped space above your cabinetry, close that off for more storage. There are endless possibilities when you start thinking outside the box.

Are There Features in Your Kitchen That You’d Like to Keep?

You don’t have to get rid of everything when you remodel your kitchen. Preserve the features you like and find ways to work around them. For example, you may love your vintage tile floors, even if they don’t fit today’s design trends. Embrace that tile and choose coordinating elements for your kitchen remodel.

Here at O’Hanlon Kitchens, we offer a direct replacement program with fast turnaround times. We’ll replace your cabinets and countertops based on your current kitchen layout. Your flooring, appliances, and other features remain the same, but you get the look of a brand-new kitchen. This may be the route to go if you want an upgrade without a full-gut kitchen reno.

How Much Maintenance Do You Want to Put into Your Kitchen Materials?

Your kitchen is a high-traffic zone that gets a lot of use. Maintenance is more important here than any other room of the house. You don’t want to commit to gorgeous white countertops if you’re constantly spilling things on the counters. They won’t look white for long, and you’ll get tired of cleaning up stains.

Research how well each material stands up to fingerprints, heat, stains, crumbs, etc. If you want a low-maintenance kitchen, don’t choose something that looks dirty three minutes after cleaning. If you don’t mind a high-maintenance kitchen, just be prepared for whatever work you’re going to commit to. You can get a beautiful kitchen either way.

What Is a Realistic Budget for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Your budget will dictate almost every aspect of your kitchen remodel. You may need to make sacrifices in one area to leave more funding for a different area. A simple tile backsplash may free up money for the chef’s kitchen appliances you’ve been dreaming of.

Think about how much you can realistically spend on your kitchen remodel, and allot about 10% extra for contingency funds. In other words, if you want your kitchen remodel to be under $15,000, set aside $1,500 for unexpected expenses that may arise. If you don’t tap into that contingency fund, great! But if you need it, you have it available without making big adjustments elsewhere.

O’Hanlon Kitchens has a team of experienced kitchen designers who can help you address these questions and more. Call 443-285-0558 to schedule a one-on-one kitchen design consultation.

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