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Kitchen Reno Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

Kitchen Reno Mistakes

Planning a kitchen remodel in 2023? If so, you may be searching for the latest trends or browsing through inspo pics on Pinterest. While you look through photos for what to do, remember that it’s just as important to understand what not to do. Avoid these kitchen reno mistakes as you plan out your design.

Doing Your Kitchen Remodel out of Order

The order you complete projects in a kitchen will make a huge difference in cost and timing. For example, it is impractical to replace the backsplash before replacing the countertops because the counters will impact where the backsplash starts and stops. If you install countertops before replacing your cabinets, you’ll have to move the countertops to put the new cabinets in.

Think about how each step impacts the surrounding materials. If you’re doing your kitchen renovation in stages, prioritize the stages with the most impact, such as the cabinets and countertops. You can add a backsplash or new flooring in the next phase.

Choosing Finishes without Considering Maintenance

Life doesn’t stop when you get a new kitchen. You still have spills, crumbs, hot pans, fingerprints, and other issues to deal with.

As you select materials for your kitchen renovation, think about the maintenance they’ll require. Black countertops look beautiful, but they show dirt easily. White cabinets look great in any kitchen, but they highlight every dirty fingerprint that comes their way. Granite needs to be sealed periodically, and marble is prone to staining. Choose materials that look great but still align with your lifestyle.

Sacrificing Function for Aesthetics

Function is always the most important factor in a kitchen renovation. Do not pick features based on looks alone; function needs to be at the front of your mind. For example, you may love the look of open shelving, but removing your upper cabinets may cut your available storage in half. If your kitchen already has limited storage space, it may be best to keep those cabinets in place.

Selecting Individual Materials without Seeing Them Together

Cohesive kitchen designs look professional. You cannot think about each material individually because it may not flow well with the rest of the materials. This applies for every design element, from tile to cabinetry to hardware and beyond. Keep samples of your materials on hand when you select something new for the kitchen. Then you can look at the group as a collection, not just a gathering of separate materials.

Not Planning ahead for Unexpected Expenses

We highly recommend adding a 10% buffer to your kitchen renovation budget to allow for unexpected expenses. The appliance store may run out of the specific type of fridge you want, and the next best option is $1,000 more. You may need some floor repair once you pull up your old cabinets, which wasn’t accounted for in the original budget. Create a contingency fund to prepare for the unpredictable.

Working with the Wrong Kitchen Designers

A good kitchen designer can drastically reduce the stress that comes with renovations. They act as an advisor, project manager, design consultant, and teacher to guide you through the process. O’Hanlon Kitchens has an outstanding reputation for kitchen design, largely because of our amazing customer service skills. If you’d like to schedule a design consultation, please call 443-285-0558. We look forward to bringing your dream kitchen to life!

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