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How to Style a Kitchen Breakfast Nook

Most families congregate in the kitchen, even if there isn’t a designated area to do so. If you’re fortunate enough to have room for a breakfast nook, this could be a great place for your loved ones to sit, snack, and share memories with one another. In this guide, we’ll provide some helpful tips for designing a kitchen breakfast nook to inspire your future plans.

Design Your New Kitchen with the Breakfast Nook in Mind

If you’re remodeling your kitchen to have a breakfast nook, make sure that plan is implemented from the start. You may need to change your kitchen layout to accommodate the breakfast nook, or you may need to extend your island to act as a breakfast table. Whatever the adjustments may be, it is best to plan for them early on.

Consider How the Nook Will Function throughout the Day

Most breakfast nooks aren’t specifically used for breakfast. You may have your morning coffee in the space, but what else will you need it to do? Is this going to be a serving zone for big parties, or a drawing area for your kids? How will those functions impact the placement of the breakfast nook in your kitchen?

Everything from the lighting to the seating to the material choices should be determined by the base function for the space. Think carefully about how you want your breakfast nook to operate, and we can come up with a solid design plan.

Allow for Multi-Purpose Use (Homework Station, Home Office, etc.)

Ideally, the breakfast nook should flexibly adapt with your family’s growing needs. Once you’ve established the functions for the breakfast nook, also consider how it may function in the future. Perhaps a play area for your toddler will turn into a homework zone or even a home office. In that case, you’ll need storage solutions that work for office supplies, school supplies, food, snacks, etc. The more versatile your breakfast nook is, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it in years to come.

Have Fun with Your Kitchen Breakfast Nook Design!

Your breakfast nook could be an opportunity to inject some personality into the kitchen. It can have some of the same design elements as the rest of the kitchen, but it could also serve as an accent for the room. For example, maybe the countertop for the nook is the same as the counters in your kitchen, but the seating is in a fun color. Perhaps the base of the nook remains the same but the tabletop offers a warm wood accent to contrast your stone countertops.

Play around with unique design ideas to come up with a stylish, adaptive kitchen breakfast nook that stands the test of time. Our experts would love to help you along your journey. We provide professional kitchen remodeling in Maryland and Pennsylvania, including direct cabinet replacements and full kitchen transformations. Contact O’Hanlon Kitchens at 443-285-0558 to get started.


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