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Is a Smart Fridge Worth the Money?

Smart fridges are high-tech and trendy, but they can be a little pricey. Before you invest in a high-dollar appliance, you may want to compare your options. Read on to determine if getting a smart fridge would be worth the money.

What Is a Smart Fridge?

Smart refrigerators tend to have touchscreens on the front face. The screen operates like an interactive tablet where you can see maintenance notifications, shopping lists, interior contents, and many customizable applications. Smart appliances usually pair with nearby smart devices, which allows you to display family photos or see select notifications on your fridge screen. Think of this as a refrigerator and a smartphone morphed into one.

Benefits of Smart Fridges and Touchscreen Appliances

Smart appliances offer many advanced features you just can’t get with a standard fridge. For example, your current fridge may have a light that comes on when you need to change the water filter. Some smart fridges could actually order filters for you and have them delivered to your door. There is a cost to the convenience, but how cool would it be to have a fridge do that work for you?

Some brands of smart refrigerators have quick-glance features, where you can see what’s inside the fridge without actually opening the door. You could peek in to see if you need to grab milk on the way home or pull out the dip to reach room temperature.

The interactive apps on the smart screens mimic phone apps. They may display the time, weather, news, and more. You may be able to control the music on your smart speaker from your smart fridge, so you can jam out in the kitchen without tracking down a separate device.

The key takeaway here is that touchscreen appliances are advanced and convenient. They could make your life easier, depending on your lifestyle.

Drawbacks to Smart Appliances

Smart appliances tend to be pricier than other appliances, and they have more parts that could potentially break down. The smart screens are tricky to replace, so if it accidentally gets damaged, you’ll have that added cost to incur.

Some homeowners do not like the look of a large black screen on the front of their fridge. If you prefer the streamlined look of flat or cabinet panel appliances, smart appliances may not fit your aesthetic. You can get some smart features without the touchscreen on the front, but they may not offer the same functions.

Speaking of the touch screen, some homeowners do not like the potential to show fingerprints on their fridge. The screens are often equipped with fingerprint-resistant shields, similar to the way stainless steel is modernized to hide fingerprints now. Nevertheless, it is a concern to keep in mind.

How to Choose the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

Appliance select requires a combination of several factors: budget, dimensions, functionality, finish, and availability. The size and finish are easy to narrow down. Your cabinets will likely determine the height, width, and depth of your new fridge, and your personal preference will determine the finish you want to get.

From there, you can compare various brands based on their price point, warranty, maintenance requirements, etc. Consider how you plan to use your fridge, and make sure the new appliance can accommodate your lifestyle. Do you need wide shelves for pizza boxes? Do you want two bottom drawers or one? Do you need filtered water and ice in your fridge, or are there other features that are more important to you?

Our kitchen designers would be happy to assist with your appliance selection during your remodeling plan. We can consider the new colors and finishes in your kitchen, in addition to your budget and personal goals. Contact us at 443-285-0558 to schedule a kitchen design consultation.


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