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Are White Appliances back in Style?

White appliances have been “out of style” for at least a decade, but they recently resurfaced in kitchen designs. There are some key differences between traditional white appliances and contemporary white appliances, so you need to be strategic in your selection. Here is a quick guide for selecting white kitchen appliances.

Modernized White Kitchen Appliances Are Totally On-Trend

Older white kitchen appliances tend to have textured fronts, but modern appliances are flat and sleek. They combine the smoothness of stainless steel with the beauty of a classic white color. These appliances often come with gold or black handles as opposed to silver or white. The fridges may not have a handle at all, but rather a notch along the edge for gripping. Copper and champagne bronze are also popular accent colors for modern white appliances, and that may shift with changing color trends.

Kitchens That Work Well with White Appliances

White appliances usually work best in kitchens with white cabinets. The appliances either blend in with the white cabinets or coordinate with them in some way. For instance, if you have white upper cabinets and green lower cabinets, a white oven among the lowers will still tie into the white cabinets above.

White appliances also look nice with mostly neutral kitchens. If your general color pallet is grey and white, these appliances should fit in nicely. White is a neutral color, so it could technically work with any kitchen colors. It all depends on how other features in the kitchen align with one another.

Kitchens That May Not Work Well with White kitchen Appliances

Off-white cabinets may not look good with white appliances. This isn’t to say that your cabinet color has to match your appliance color, but the undertones should mesh well. A white fridge with grey undertones may be an eye sore next to cream colored cabinets. If possible, look at the color of the appliances next to your existing cabinetry and see how they flow in your lighting.

White kitchen appliances may also look out of place with certain wood tones. Espresso cabinets would provide a sharp contrast to the white appliances, and that may look visually jarring in certain kitchens. Another factor to keep in mind is how the hardware on the appliances tie into the hardware throughout the kitchen. If you have yellow gold knobs and rose gold appliance handles, the features may clash. Think of the big picture when selecting an addition for your kitchen.

How to Choose the Perfect Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

Whether you go for white kitchen appliances or another finish entirely, these tups will help you choose the perfect cabinets for your kitchen.

  • Consider your functional needs first. Do you want a French door fridge? Over the range microwave? Combination stove and oven? Assess the dimensions and functional features you want for your appliances to narrow down your selection.
  • Figure out what dimensions you have to work with. If you’re not updating your cabinets, you may find that the uppers hang too low to do an over the range microwave. You may also discover that some fridges won’t fit well in your kitchen or will not open properly because of nearby countertops. Determine the parameters for your new appliances to find the perfect fit.
  • Don’t get stuck on the trends. Ultimately you need something that works well, looks good, and won’t seem outdated in a couple years. Trends change, but quality design can change with them.
  • Consider the flaws with your current appliances. If there is something you hate about your existing appliances, this is your chance to make an informed upgrade.
  • Select appliances that fit your entire kitchen design. You’re choosing pieces of a bigger puzzle, not standalone features. You may love the look of a certain oven, but if it doesn’t fit in with your kitchen, you’ll soon come to hate it. Make a strategic selection that takes into account all the other fixtures, colors, textures and shapes in your kitchen.

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