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How to Maintain Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets make up the bulk of most kitchen designs. They account for nearly 1/3rd of the design budget, so its important that they last. With some simple maintenance steps, you can drastically extend the life of your cabinets. Read on to learn how to maintain kitchen cabinets.

Clean Cabinet Doors and Drawer Faces with Gentle Cleaning Products

Abrasives and harsh chemicals will quickly wear down your kitchen cabinets. Wipe down your cabinets with a microfiber cloth and gentle cabinet cleaner. You might be able to use a damp cloth for day-to-day messes and then use a cleaning agent once a month for more thorough cleaning.

Use cleaning products that correspond with the types of cabinets you have. Laminate cabinets cannot handle the same cleaning products as wood cabinets. Keep that in mind when selecting cleaners for your kitchen.

Wipe Down Splatters When They Happen

Splatters are easiest to clean when they first happen. This reduces the risk of staining and makes cleanup go a lot quicker. This is especially important if you have light colored cabinets or cabinets that are relatively absorbent. If the splatters are left for too long, you’ll need thorough stain removal that could affect the structural integrity of the cabinetry.

Caulk around the Cabinets as Needed

Caulking is a simple way to clean up the edges around your cabinets. This is something you may need to redo periodically if the caulk cracks, warps or pulls away from the wall. Choose caulk that matches the color of your cabinets, and make sure you remove the old caulking before installing the new. Caulk around the walls, crown molding, kickboards, and any other areas that need a filled edge.

Seal, Oil or Wax Your Cabinets

The type of protection you use will depend on your cabinet materials. You may need to seal your cabinets if the topcoat has worn off with time. If there are areas of your cabinets that look noticeably less shiny than other parts, it’s probably time to reseal them.

You could also use oil or wax to revitalize your cabinets. This won’t last as long as a topcoat, but it could nourish the wood.

Choose High-Quality Cabinets When You Remodel Your Kitchen

If your kitchen cabinets are well past their prime, it may be time for an upgrade. O’Hanlon Kitchens offers direct cabinet replacement, which means you don’t have to remodel your entire kitchen to get new cabinets. If you want an entirely new kitchen, we can make that happen as well. We’ll arrange an in-person consultation to discuss your goals, budget and other factors.

When you select your new cabinets, don’t skimp on quality. You may pay a bit more for wood cabinets instead of laminate cabinets, but the cabinetry will last much longer. High quality cabinets are also easier to maintain because they’re less subject to water damage and other issues.

If you’d like help choosing the perfect upgrade cabinets, contact O’Hanlon Kitchens at 443-285-0558.


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