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7 Questions to Ask before Remodeling Your Kitchen

7 Questions To Ask Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Ready to remodel your kitchen? Well hold on a moment! A little extra planning will make the process much easier. Here are 7 important questions to ask before remodeling your kitchen.

1 – How Much Do You Want to Spend?

With any home remodeling project, it’s important to have a budget. This determines how much money you dedicate to each part of the project and helps you prioritize your spending. Figure out exactly how much you want to spend on kitchen remodeling, including a contingency fund in case issues come up. Then you can talk to your kitchen designers about features and finishes that align with your budget.

2 – Is the Current Layout Ideal for Your Needs?

Having a functional kitchen is even more important than having a beautiful kitchen. Does your current kitchen layout work well, or does it need to be modernized? Do you feel like a different configuration would enhance your prep space or cooking abilities? Maintaining the existing floor plan will most likely save you money, but modernizing it could maximize the storage and feel of the space. Evaluate your options to find the best kitchen layout for your needs.

3 – Do You Plan to Stay in the Home or Sell It?

Your future plans with the home should dictate your design decisions. If you plan to sell the house in the next few years, choose design features that will maximize your return on investment. If this is your forever home, you could personalize the kitchen to your exact taste. Add a bold pop of color. Choose a unique backsplash tile. These elements may make your home harder to sell, but they could be the perfect touch for your dream kitchen.

4 – What Are the Biggest Challenges with Your Existing Kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling is an opportunity to solve problems. Think about the biggest issues you have in the kitchen, and make sure you address those in the design process. Do you need more drawer space? Would you like cabinets that go to the ceiling? Do you need a place for your microwave or small appliances to go? Don’t carry your current headaches into your new kitchen. Find solutions for them instead.

5 – What Design Style Best Fits Your Home?

When it comes to choosing the cabinet style, design colors, countertops, backsplash and hardware, picture your home as a whole. The kitchen should feel cohesive with the rest of the house. If you plan to remodel other rooms later, you could use the kitchen to set the tone for the remodeling. If you have a style you want to maintain, choose finishes that align with that style. This will help the house feel connected and well thought out.

6 – What Are Your Needs vs. Your Wants?

You may not be able to accomplish every single item on your kitchen remodeling list. Prioritize your wants and your needs so you can plan accordingly. If you can cover all of your needs and only some of your wants, at least you have the most important issues addressed. The wrong approach may affect how you feel about the kitchen in the end.

7 – Who Do You Want Remodeling Your Kitchen?

Before you get trapped in a do-it-yourself nightmare, consider hiring professional kitchen remodelers. They have the tools, expertise and experience to get the job done right. O’Hanlon Kitchens offers several renovation programs, including direct cabinet and countertop replacement and complete kitchen remodeling. Our professional designers will help you visualize the kitchen of your dreams, and then our hard working contractors will make those dreams come to life. To learn more about kitchen remodeling in Maryland or Pennsylvania, contact O’Hanlon Kitchens at 443-285-0558.

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